Mail Unlimited Inc. possesses a tremendous combination of talented, dedicated, and experienced individuals. We have a modern facility, which contains state of the art processing equipment.

Mail Preparation Services- Our key to growth over the years can be summed up in one simple statement - "We always get the mail out ON TIME! And we get it out RIGHT."

Laser Personalization- In tandem with data processing, our flexible, high capacity laser printing department can incorporate any powerful database into a highly personalized document. We can imprint variable data simplex or duplex on 8.5X11, 8.5X14, and 11X17 forms. Also, we can laser print personalized labels with your logo, mailing indicia, and teaser copy.

Inkjet Personalization- Our state of the art inkjet printers can process high-speed variable data, which includes variable graphics, on almost any paper stock. We have the capability to print from one to six inches of variable print, which includes spot color.

Machine Insertion- Our capacity to insert high volume projects has never been greater. We can machine insert up to a maximum envelope size of 10X14 on our flats inserters and stretch 6X9 machines that can process a #11 size envelope.

Tabbing/Stamping- All inkjet bases have inline tabbing machines. We can affix tabs (wafer seals) or self-adhesive stamps during the imaging of the mail piece. Most folded self-mailers will be single or double tabbed with ¾ inch translucent tabs with a perforation.

Folding/Bursting - We have the ability to fold almost any mail piece including highly personalized pieces after imprinting. Our folding equipment can fold, slit, nest, and perforate at high speeds. Most multipart forms or impact printouts can be burst for mail processing.

Assembly- Any project, which can't be processed by machine, will be completed manually by our dedicated staff!

Email Services- In tandem with any mailing project, we can handle your large and small email projects. Opt in or house email lists can be used and sent in large volumes at a fraction of the cost of traditional mail.

Cheshire Labeling- Our labeling ability includes piggybacks, three ups, four ups, one inch, and 1.5-inch labels. Also, we have the ability to stamp or tab in-line on any labeling project.

Metering- If a metered envelope is preferred, our inserters and offline sealing equipment have metering capability.

Drop Shipping/Postage savings- In the planning and preparation stages, our staff will spend the time and effort in providing the deepest postal discounts. We will skid prepare any mailing that will offer you net savings for this service.

Data Processing and Data Base Management - At Mail Unlimited, we understand that your database or final recipient mailing list is the key to success of the entire project. Our dedicated data staff is second to none in knowledge, ability, creativity, and attention to details. We maintain a comprehensive suite of Windows based software to meet all challenges. Mail Unlimited can accept data in most formats via FTP, email, most disks (CD, Zip, Floppy), and nine-track tape. A combination of our postal software (Postalsoft by First Logic) and knowledgeable staff maximizes postage savings and processing efficiencies. Here are some of our specialties:

  • Convert and Combine multiple file formats
  • NCOA- Compare your database with the National Change of Address Directory
  • Append variable fields/or key code
  • Merge/ Purge and Household single or multiple lists - Including Multi Buyer Selections, Group Postings, and Suppressions
  • Standardize Addresses ( CASS certify)
  • Output label file or variable document input
  • Logistics- analyze recipient address concentrations for possible drop shipping discounts
  • Complex reporting based on relational databases

Fulfillment - Mail Unlimited can provide storage of materials (small and large) and fulfill email, fax, or phone orders for daily, weekly, or monthly shipping. We maintain updated inventory reports of all items stored at our facility.

Commercial Printing - Our experience and relationships with many printers provides our customers with the highest quality medium, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing. Our USPS knowledge at the design stage will help capture lowest postage rates. If needed, we can assist in selecting the best printer for the project.

Mailing List Acquisition - Based on your specific marketing criteria, Mail Unlimited will provide the best possible list at the most reasonable price. Our partnerships, experience, and access will add simplicity to the list acquisition process.

Direct Mail Consulting - After many years of mailing and many millions mailed, we have developed a keen sense of what works affordably. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with everything from campaign creation to delivery to the post office. With a little research, Mail Unlimited can recommend a solution to providing the most effective mail piece for the lowest price. Here is a list of a few of our specialties and areas where we can help you:

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