How long does it take to get my mail out?
Turnaround time for most jobs is three business days from the time we receive all lists and materials. Laser personalization jobs take four days. Jobs that are extremely large, unusual, or that involve a great deal of manual work may take slightly longer. If you need a rush job, we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Can you help me find mailing lists that target my best prospects?
Yes. We are able to acquire virtually any list on the market. Just tell us who you are trying to reach and we will do the research and acquire the list for you.

What are your payment policies?
We follow the industry standard of collecting postage money prior to your job being delivered to the Post Office. Payment for services is due in advance on your first job with us, after that, we can set you up on 30 day invoicing.

***Credit cards are accepted as payment for services only.  We are unable to accept credit cards as payment for USPS postage.

Do we have to have a permit to take advantage of postal discounts?
No. You can use our permit for your mailings at no additional charge. We will provide you with the permit information to be printed on your mail piece or, for a small additional charge, we can print the permit while we are printing the address on the mailers.

We are a non-profit, what do we have to do to take advantage of the non-profit postage rates?
If you don't already have a non-profit permit, you can use our non-profit permit at no additional charge. However, your non-profit status must first be approved by the Post Office. You must fill out a short form and supply some supporting documentation. Mail Unlimited can assist you with that process. If you need to mail right away, you will have to pay for-profit postage but, you can get reimbursed for the difference between the for-profit and non-profit rate if you have filed your application for non-profit status PRIOR to your mailing.

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