Factual Information
Mail Unlimited is a privately held family company - Owned and operated by the Broennle family since 1983.
MUI has grown from an individual operation to a corporation with more than 30 full time employees.
Our 31,000 square foot facility is located in Winter Park, FL, 10 miles east of downtown Orlando.


Business Philosophy
Over the years Mail Unlimited has experienced exceptional growth. That growth has come primarily from "word of mouth" and "repeat" business. Our customers want to come back to us because WE HAVE:

  • Consistently outstanding production
  • A courteous and experienced staff
  • Honest business relationships
  • Time honored and proven results
Our success comes down to one word: OWNERSHIP - We feel personally responsible for our
customers' success. Ownership is evident by what WE ARE:
  • Proactive by thinking about what the customers need before they ask or even think about it.
  • Competent by keeping current with changing industry trends and USPS regulations. We maintain a high level of knowledge by utilizing ongoing training programs and maintaining low employee turnover.
  • Detail Oriented every day with an unwavering attention to detail.
  • Honest because, in the long run, there is no better way.


Time Line of Events

  • April 1983 - Dick & Peggy Broennle acquires MUI
  • November 1983 - First Cheshire labeler and inserter installed.
  • July 1986 - MUI completes first major growth period - moving into new facility over 3 times larger than previous. Full time staff doubles.
  • January 1993 - MUI moves into 12,500 sq. foot facility.
  • February 1993 - First Scitex Inkjet machine installed.
  • July 1995 - Second Scitex Inkjet installed.
  • August 1995 - Rick Broennle joins MUI.
  • November 1995 - Begin using Postalsoft mailing software, which later becomes part of First Logic.
  • October 1998 - Windows NT network established, allowing electronic connection of presorted data files and inkjet platforms.
  • July 1999 - Ernie Broennle joins MUI.
  • January 2000 - MUI designs, builds, and moves into its current location - a 20,000 square foot new facility.
  • January 2001 - MUI upgrades all Inkjet machines.
  • May 2001 - MUI installs inkjet hardware capable of 6" of print width and multicolor printing.
  • July 2001 - MUI installs first flats inserter capable of inserting up to a 10x14 envelope.
  • October 2001 - Ground breaking on building expansion adding an additional 11,000 sq. feet.
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